15th MoNE Robot Competition is Start

The 15th International MEB Robot Competition was decided to be held in Bursa Province on 08-11 March 2023 with the theme of "Republic and Technology" and the slogan " Ahican follows the footsteps of republic, pursuing the technology in Bursa" with the Ministerial Approval dated 18.11.2022 and numbered 90757378- 821.05-63758588.

The International MEB Robot Competition has been held regularly every year since 2007. This year the 15th edition will be held in Bursa Naim Süleymanoğlu Sports Complex between 08-11 March 2023. In addition to the Industrial Robot Arm, Line Tracker (Basic Level), Line Tracker (Advanced Level), Fast Line Tracker, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Mini Drone), Mini Sumo, Design-Run, Egg Collection (Caretta Caretta), Labyrinth Master, Dust Scooter Robot (Basic Level), Free Project and Themed categories, this year, for the first time, Underwater Vehicle (ROV) and Autonomous Vehicle categories were added and will be held in 14 (fourteen) categories.

In the Line Follower-drag racing and Mini Sumo categories, pre-selection will be made with the Virtual Robot Competition. Those who are successful in the pre-selection will be entitled to participate in the International MEB Robot Competition in Bursa.
The robots in the list which will be formed according to the evaluation of the Robot Production Reports of the applicants in the categories of Line-follower (Basic Level), Line-follower (Advanced Level), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Mini Drone), Labyrinth Master, Industrial Robot Arm, Design&Build, Egg Collection (Caretta Caretta), Archer Robot (Basic Level), Free Project, Themed, Autonomous Vehicle and Underwater Vehicle (ROV) will be entitled to participate in the International MEB Robot Competition to be held in Bursa.

Lower secondary school students can apply to the competitions to be held only in the categories of Line Follower (Basic Level) and Dust Scooter Robot (Basic Level); Upper secondary and higher education students will not be able to apply to these categories.
Application period of the Categories for Pre-qualification contest is between 05 December 2022 - 30 December 2022
- Line Follower Drag racing
- Mini Sumo

Application period of the Categories for direct participation is between 05 December 2022 - 17 February 2023
- Line follower (Basic Level)
- Line follower (Advanced Level)
- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Mini Drone)
- Labyrinth Master
- Industrial Robot Arm
- Design&Build
- Egg Collection (Caretta Caretta)
- Archer Robot (Tozkoparan , Basic Level)
- Free Project
- Thematic Category
- Autonomous Vehicle
- Underwater Vehicle Category (ROV)
Applications for Competition will be made at https://robot.meb.gov.tr.

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